Hunters and the Hunted

In this post we will explore the dangers of child recruitment and radicalization by radical Islam and jihadi groups

Hunting is the practice of trapping or killing animals, or pursuing them with the intent of doing so. It used to be a more equal sport. One where the hunted had more of an ability to fight back. However, with the development of modern technology it’s anything but balanced. Man is equipped with advanced weaponry and his life is never truly in danger when in pursuit of his prey. But what if his pursuit were human? And his warfare psychological?

As a Western society, we believe children have the right to a peaceful upbringing. They deserve to grow up in an environment where their childhood is celebrated and protected. But today, radical regimes and organizations are systematically “hunting” children with the aim of indoctrinating them to embrace violence and hatred. Whereas one’s upbringing and education used to help ensure a fair fight, today the internet and social media make it all too easy for these kids to be preyed on.

“Are they really safe from the hunters who are trying to brainwash and recruit them?”

While no one is immune, some children are more susceptible than others.  Unsurprisingly, mental health plays a large role in this process and kids who exhibit classic “warning signs” have a higher chance of being swept up by the storm of radical Islam. But what about the average kids? Are they really safe from the hunters who are trying to brainwash and recruit them?

Radicalization is a complex process and works through a combination of “push and pull” factors. The only real way to stand a chance when being pursued by a hunter is to know what you’re up against. Because these factors aim to alienate the prey, or child, from their environment, it becomes increasingly difficult for the child to gracefully exit once trapped. The idea is to drive the hunted towards a new mindset, until all that was once familiar is no longer and the only thing that seems logical is the illogical.

“…it’s only a matter of time before they will be radicalized”

Children are without doubt our most precious assets because they ensure our future and jihadists know and recognize this. In fact, it’s for that exact purpose they have set forth on a manhunt to win over the bodies and souls of our youth. If they can successfully identify children who are in search of something “more” it’s only a matter of time before they will be radicalized. By offering kids who are “searching” an attractively-packaged option in which they feel like they are on a mission and fighting for a greater purpose, radical Islam secures their following. We must protect our youth and make sure we are educated to spot warning signs so that we do not let our children fall prey to the evil huntsmen..