Takes One to Know One

Sad to say, but as time rolls on, moral standards have come way down on the political stage and we all but expect our leaders to be indicted. But do we expect them to lie to us about things that matter? Can we condone obstruction of justice when it comes to racism, radicalism and hate crimes? Islamist political players are constantly doing just that. While they display hard-line Islamist approaches to their followers, they are openly hypocritical in order to serve their political objectives.

“…the mosque’s imam who publicly claims homosexuals cause natural disasters

A prime example of this hypocrisy is Wilfredo Ruiz, CAIR-Florida communications director. He refers to his organization as a “civil rights group” and claims to use social media to denounce those who spread bigotry. However, he constantly associates with individuals and groups who spread the very hate he is supposedly fighting against. Ruiz recently participated in an event headed by Darul Uloom mosque and moderated by the mosque’s imam who publicly claims homosexuals cause natural disasters. In addition to the hate generated by Darul Uloom mosque,it is also known to be a haven for al-Qaeda operatives.

Not only does Ruiz associate with this particular mosque, but his own organization, the very one he claims is a civil rights group, has been linked to the terrorist organization Hamas and thrown pro-Hamas rallies using extreme rhetoric aimed at demonizing Israel and her supporters. In fact, Ruiz himself frequently uses social media to denounce what he claims to be “hate”, though in reality he is just targeting Israelis and accusing others of being “white supremacists.” Ruiz is constantly pointing fingers, but in reality he is in the same camp as those to which he accuses everyone else of belonging. The camp of bigotry and hate. The camp of hypocrisy.

“Sarsour managed to marginalize Jews as well as the LGBTQ community”

Another infamous hypocrite is Linda Sarsour. While hiding behind the cover of the Women’s March, Sarsour managed to marginalize Jews as well as the LGBTQ community. Though she pretends to be a fair and accepting person, the world was exposed to her true colors when she accused Jews of dual loyalty. Hiding behind “Islamophobia” she has managed to create multiple hypocritical and contradictory personas: A human rights activist who participates in activities for the “greater good” such as raising money to repair cemeteries and a bigoted ISIS sympathizer.

And all of this for what? Does addressing the public with such mixed messaging really accomplish anything? What is the point of being so incredibly two-faced when you could just stand up for what you believe in?

“And thus hypocrisy is born”

The bottom line seems to be that if one’s case were truly noble there would be no need because then the idea could sell itself. And thus hypocrisy is born.

Islamist American politicians and leaders cannot sell radical Islam as is to the American public. They can only wrap it attractively. They must deliver it behind the cover of human and civil rights because only then will the public fall prey. We must recognize the contradictory statements our politicians and leaders are making in order to ensure we don’t leave ourselves exposed to these evils.